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  1. Lisa

    Hello Sara-
    I met you in I think it was 1994 at Eva Kwong’s workshop at the Ranch. I talked to you about a place to stay (can’t remember the details) but you gave me your brother’s info.
    Thanks know this is a long shot, but my husband and I sold a 5 acre parcel in Phoenix and want to transfer the profit to the Snowmass area. George is actually in the middle of Nebraska on the way there to meet with brokers. We already bought a 3 acre lot in Elk Springs and need to buy a property ASAP. So…..is your brother a source we can use? Forgive me if this is not feasible, just thought I’d ask you in case you knew it FD any listings. Glenwood Springs and Carbondale are becoming out of reach already!
    Thanks, Sara!
    (We had some good times at Paul’s house huh?!)

    1. sara Post author

      Hi Lisa, My best friend works for engelvoelkers and before that Basalt realty for over 30 years.. she would be the real estate broker I would use… If I saw a picture of you maybe I would remember you haha

      Joanie Haggerty
      Real Estate Advisor

      Engel & Völkers Roaring Fork
      206 Cody Lane | Basalt, CO 81621

      Mobile: +1 970-618-2730
      Internet: Joanie.Haggerty@engelvoelkers.com
      Website: joaniehaggerty.evusa.com


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