Slideshow 2014

Sara’s presentation at Anderson Ranch Arts Center in June of 2014. Video: 26:40 sec.

2 thoughts on “Slideshow 2014

  1. suzanne franzen

    I loved seeing this presentation in Gallery 103/ Kauai. Meeting you was a pleasure. Your presentation of what most interest you was clearly delivered. I wasn’t able to take the workshop but I did look in on what you were doing at Keiths Studio. I am grateful that I got to do that. Your work is inspiring.
    We have connections in colorado . I love the strings of our connectedness. Colorado, link with Penny, and of course the study with Betty Woodman, also the time spent in canyon lands . I hope the future presents us with further chances to meet.
    I did want to see the results of the Kauai potters taking your course. Maybe I will have a chance to talk with someone from the class and celebrate the results.
    Congratulations, Suzanne

    1. sara

      SO nice meeting you Suzanne, and thank you for coming to the lecture. Hopefully we’ll get the chance to meet again sometime!


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