Sara Ransford in Colorado ArtBeat Video

In case you missed the PBS airing last night, here is my video again…


Thank you Chris and Heather Macdonald, for taking the time to record my work, my inspirations, my thoughts. Chris and Heather have filmed 5 Colorado Artists as part of a project discussed in a previous post …

Here is a link to see the other 5 artists profiled in Colorado ArtBeat

or click here:



15 thoughts on “Sara Ransford in Colorado ArtBeat Video

  1. sally cole

    I just watched the video and loved it. It brings a new dimension for me with the background info the vedio brought to light. What a great artist you are!!!I bought your 10×10 last yeat at Art Base gala. Your work is FABULOUS I am so glad I own a piece and hopefully another sometime soon

  2. Nancy Lovendahl

    Sara, The Macdonalds really caught your passion and dynamism in the work! Really strong and beautiful. Congratulations! You are also in fine company in the full series! You go, pyrogirl!! Xo

    1. sara Post author

      What a fine compliment coming from a fellow artist I respect and admire so much! And a former Macdonald film recipient!
      Thank you Nancy


    Still trying to take a class from u
    Pls keep me updated. Looking for 3-5 day class
    I live in California but Colorado would be fun too
    Or other places in USA where it is not hot. Spring fall winter.
    Great video very beautiful pieces

    1. sara Post author

      Thank you Diedre, It will happen- I am sure. I don’t have any classes right now but you are on my list to invite as soon as it happens

  4. Julie Kennedy

    Sara, Sara – I am truly inspired by your passion and your extraordinary talents in creating such mystical/magical art! But what I am so proud of is your ability to define your life stories through your art – wow, just wow! So appreciative of this video – it just captures Sara Ransford’s and all her beauty inside and out! Keep on keeping on Sara!
    Julie Kennedy

  5. Gayle Morgan

    Congratulations, Sara.
    The video captured the source of your inspiration and the process of your work so nicely.
    We miss seeing you and your art everyday!
    Best, Gayle and Jonathan

  6. joanie haggerty


    Unbelievable! I own several incredible pieces of your artwork and have always loved them.
    But, this video made me love them even more!!! You, so beautifully , connected your artwork to the truths, experiences and vulnerabilities in all of our lives.
    Your artwork is spectacular and so are you!!!!

  7. Taosrb

    Extraordinary! I am looking forward to seeing the show at SFe Clay. I am a printmaker who has been in hibernation far too long but I feel a kinship in how we both see the world around us. Brava!
    (Please add me to a possible future class list!)


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