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Holiday Card

Happy Holidays All,                                                                       New Years Eve, 2010

I have finally graduated to the 21st century, and am sending cards through my new website. With the thought of saving on paper, gas, stamps, and time, I just couldn’t validate my personal need for you to have a hard copy of our photos for the year.  I also am having too much fun skiing, to get it to you by Christmas- so Happy New Years!

This years truth: I do believe in my parent’s forcasting- that time goes by faster the older you get. And this year went too fast!

Another year full of fun exploring with Hayden and Maddie, and so thankful for this precious time, as by next year, Hayden a junior, has already informed me he has to work all summer, preview schools over spring break, and do what all high schoolers do, leave their parents behind in the dust. Are parents ever ready for this? So I try to relish in whatever time we do get together these days…

Our first highlight; exploring Peru in March, having always wanted to travel with the kids to Machu Picchu. Little did I know when I bought tickets that the January rains would make the park impassable, but we still enjoyed discovering this area immensely.  Macchu Picchu opened two days after we left, but we couldn’t re-arrange our trip; Maddie had to get back, since traveling to Bariloche, Argentina with Aspen Middle School’s Sister Cities Exchange program was up next.  Lucky girl! Two visits to South America within a month!

For our summer trip, the kids and I travelled to Montana for my niece Erin’s wedding… Perfect Montana day with five hundred of their best friends. Classic Montana style, the wedding party was dancing on the bar! We left immediately afterwards for another rafting trip the Grand Canyon. There were four families, a perfect make up of 7 teens and 8 adults. Yes, the adults still ruled! It was a super fun trip for all of us, one of my best trips ever down the Grand, even though I had to ride in the raft due to a shoulder dislocation. Did that keep me from going- NO! And before surgery in August, I traveled to BC for 12 days of sea kayaking with my new friend, Gordon.

It was a spectacular trip, with perfect weather, and beautiful islands, sunsets, and even a crab or two. Gordon and I are now just finishing up 2010 in style- the ski trip of my dreams, having skied in Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Washington,  Canada, all in the two weeks- and trying to hit Utah on the way back to Colorado! We even made it to Marks twice this year, spending Xmas with the newly weds and Mark, Linda and Megan. The kids are spending Christmas and New Years sailing with Bill in the BVI’s.

The site is under construction, and this Holiday Card is my 1st entry, but check back in a month or two, and it should be under way! Check out the Art page though…

Wishing you health, happiness, love…and the very best 2011.

Love,  Hayden, Maddie, Sara, Tippy and Ella